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Power Up Your Life

Women in Business Edition

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“The presentation was life-changing. Seriously.

Thank you for sharing your framework, for inspiring me to continue on my journey, to reflect, to stop and discover my vision again.”

Jessica G – Business Professional

Transformation on the inside creates results on the outside

This Workshop is for YOU IF You are . . .

Having difficulty achieving balance

Feeling depleted and compressed

Lost your spark and motivation

Overworked and not enough time

Living in fear and concerned about the future

Putting yourself on the back burner

“Julie’s program got me on a track to making healthy lifestyle changes. I became aware why so many things I was trying in the past did not work. I now have the tools and the knowledge to keep making positive changes in my lifestyle that overall effect my stress, confidence and happiness.”

Michelle A, Spa Owner

Power Up Your Life is a workshop for you if you want to:


Feel re-energized and confident to create success

Feel in balance with life and your business

Have peace and harmony

Have focus and direction

Get fully aligned and feel whole

Get in control of your life on a deeper level

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If you are ready for positive changes in your life and business, then keep reading because I created this Reset just for you.


This transformational experience is designed to leave you with . . .

Confidence in scaling your business

A wellness and success roadmap 

A reignited Spark of your passion

A feeling of comfort and power during these unsettling times

Elevated mindset for wellness and profit growth

Enable yourself to scale both business and life by embodying . . .

Powerful mindset shifts 

Unlimited beliefs

Your pure potential within

The healing power of love as our currency

Striving to improve the lives of women by creating balance while scaling business.

Are you a Business Professional that wants to bring ease to your clients but feels out of balance? Are you feeling compressed with day-to-day business work and feel like you need a break?

Do you want to re-ignite your passion with what your selling or what you are offering?

As you and I know, we can only take our clients as far as we are willing to take ourselves.

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Getting into Alignment

Giving you tools to alleviate stress and show you how to navigate management with the feeling of a lighter load.

Getting back on Track

Reminding you how to live in the truth of your original spark, that spark that allows your clients to come to you, that spark that gets you up in the morning.

Getting a Break

Transformation happens when we go inward;  welcome to your break. Get tools to instantly shift stress and overwhelm.

Scaling Business

Imparting wholistic methods to scaling your business and increasing profits.

Getting Connected

Let us breathe together, let us connect together, let’s not have to prove our worth by how busy we are, let’s prove it by how easy it looks and feels.

Getting Clarity

Teaching you an easy vision-setting process to create all your desired outcomes.

Power Up Your Life Program Outline

Pre-Workshop Content

How to: Creating your Vision
Downloadable workbook exercises
Menu plan for brain power
Downloadable meditation: Increasing your Vibration
Content is available prior to online workshop: allowing you to complete before live online event.

Live Online Workshop - 1 Day

9:30 – 11:00 Morning Session
11:00 - 11:15 Creating Abundance Meditation
11:30 – 12:30 Mid Morning Session
12:30 - 1:00 Lunch Break
1:00 - 2:30 Afternoon Session
2:30 -3:30 Q&A and laser coaching (Optional)


Julie’s unique and exclusive process gives you:

  • Downloadable meditations for abundance and energy
  • Exclusive access to pre-course workshops
  • High energy food menu plan
  • Downloadable workbook exercises
  • One Day LIVE Workshop with biz and mindset expert Julie Cass


  • A beautiful package starting with a pre-program questionnaire followed by a food menu and mailed gift of a weekly planner

  • 1 day of live time with an 8-figure conscious wellness leader

  • Downloadable workbook exercises

  • Custom one on one follow-up coaching session with Julie Cass

  • Access to full recording of the Live workshop for 30 days

  • Hand selected mastermind invitation

$2300 VALUE, for only $587.00

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  • A beautiful package starting with a pre-program questionnaire followed by a food menu and mailed gift of a weekly planner

  • 1 day of live time with an 8-figure conscious wellness leader

  • Downloadable workbook exercises

$1500 VALUE, for only $249.00

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“A truly transformational experience”.

Judy C, Client

Julie Cass
Julie Cass takes you to newer heights

Julie Cass
the best business and mindset coach for women in business

Learn from an expert with over 25 years of leadership and wellness experience!

  • Successfully owned and scaled a multiple 8-figure business
  • Since 2003, has co-founded one of North America’s top Spa management consulting companies
  • Motivational Speaker
  • Certified Holistic Health Coach
  • Certified Master Life Coach
  • Certified Transformational Coach – TM
  • 20 Years – Certified Yoga instructor
  • Certified aesthetician, reiki practitioner and meditation facilitator

If you have ever felt burnt out or overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right spot.

We help ambitious people find inner balance, create healthy mind shifts, so they can thrive in all areas of life.

Our company’s foundation is helping leaders in businesses to maximize their potential by teaching my “wholistic” approach.

Having owned and operated a multi-million dollar business with hundreds of employees, I intimately know what it’s like to be “successful” in one area of life, at the cost of all other areas being completely out of balance.   This is not sustainable and very destructive to happiness.

As a life and business strategist, I empower my clients to create balance in their life.  My clients say the results are life-changing!  My “wholistic” approach embodies health, relationships, home life, career, and wealth.

“After taking Julie’s program, I now work less, have more balance, and make more money.”

Mary M, Client

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