Julie has been seen on Global TV, CHCH, and CP24 speaking about women empowerment and women in business and the need for wellness in the workplace. Interview requests can be sent to julie@thepositivechange.ca

Media Appearances

CP24 Morning

George Lagogianes asks Julie Cass for tips on managing stress during home schooling during the pandemic.

CHCH Morning

Annette Hamm and Julie Cass discuss mental health reset on the morning news.

CP24 Breakfast

Leena Latafat asks Julie Cass for tips on maintaining mental health during Covid lockdown.

Global News Morning

Antony Robart interviews Julie Cass about mental health tips during Covid lockdown.

Global TV

Liem Vu interviews Julie Cass about how to overcome Covid Fatigue and the Winter Blues

Global TV Health Segments

Global TV health segments are short intermission clips. Watch Julie Cass give advice on >>>>


Annette Hamm and Julie Cass discuss tips on Women’s Empowerment during International Women’s Day.


Leena Latafat speaks with Julie and highlights the importance of putting yourself first and how it improves relationships in all areas of life.


Courtney speaks with Julie about relationships during the 2021 pandemic.


Canadian Living

3 articles scheduled for 2021 in the Mind & Spirit section.

Canadian Business Journal

Winter 2021 edition features an article written by Julie Cass entitled: Leadership in 2021

Spa Canada Magazine

Julie’s article in the January – February 2021 edition of Spa Canada speaks to why Wellness professionals Need to be Well Themselves.

Les Nouvelles Esthetiques & Spa

In Les Nouvelle’s Team Guidebook, Julie describes Creating a United Team and how communication can cement or divide a team.


The Part-Time Jungle

In this episode Tiana speaks with Julie about ‘Making YOU a priority in Motherhood’.

The Beyond Capital Podcast

In this episode of Beyond Capital, Julie Cass talks to us about the importance of investing in your employees for your bottom line.

Mind Over Motherhood

Dr. Crewe’s podcast in which Julie talks about ‘Finding Balance in Motherhood and Business’.

Watermelon Sandwich Podcast