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Investing in Your Team

Choose from workshops, a custom wellness program, or a simple lunch and learn series to boost your team.

Incorporating wellness in the workplace has a direct effect on the overall success of the business, especially in the current climate.

Gain an inspired and motivated team in a healthy workplace.

My dream is for you and your company to have it all; to reach your goals, increase your thresholds and achieve not only amazing results but inner balance, peace and happiness.

Overcome Pandemic Burnout

Offering live online webinars in 2 part series to help increase accountability.


Choose from one of our result-driven workshops to inspire your team today.

Custom Wellness Programs

Build a culture around wellness in the workplace, investing in your team’s wellbeing can give you maximum ROI. Choose between 3, 6 and 12 month programs.

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Most Booked Webinar

Empower Your Team’s Wellbeing and Overcome Pandemic Fatigue

2 -Part Series

Are you struggling with increased stress in the workplace? Do you feel like productivity has gone down? Has it been harder to connect with your team and create unified goals?

Investing in your team’s well-being has never been more important.

  • Increased productivity
  • Happier work environment
  • Greater connection and team bonding
  • Decrease in stress and overwhelm
  • Individualized accountability
  • Increased loyalty and overall success of the company

With sustained stress levels at an all time high we are seeing huge negative impact on business and employee wellbeing. Julie's custom designed live webinars help you and your business thrive in these challenging times.

Popular Workshops

Below are popular workshops that we will gladly customize for your team.

Digital Detox

Feeling tech fatigue? Feeling tired of being on a computer all day? In this engaging workshop learn fun wellness hacks to detox from tech fatigue, increase energy and feel inspired a new healthy working environment. This is the perfect wellness boost for your team.

Sustaining Work-Life Balance

Work Life Balance is what millions of people like yourself are trying to achieve every day. Learn how mindset can change everything.
We will give tips and tools on how to effectively create the time and space in your life to attack stress, increase productivity and give you the equilibrium you're looking for.

Key Strategies to Double Your Energy

Work/life balance is something most of us struggle with. learn how to fight low energy that's creating a negative cycle, depleting your self-care strategy, sending you on a downward spiral and leading to poor choices This session provides easily-implemented tools to double your energy and transform the way you live your life with a new approach.

5 Ways to Achieve Success and Happiness

Success and happiness; can we have both? Do we need to sacrifice one for the other?
Absolutely not! In this intense and energetic session learn the must do's to achieve success and happiness and feel empowered to conquer your life.

5 Powerful Tools to De-Stress

Feeling stressed out? The key to a healthy life is stress management. Learn simple and tangible lifelong techniques to help your team deal with stress, decrease anxiety and feel more empowered to enjoy life. A happy team translated to a successful, productive company.

Easy Healthy Eating Habits

healthy eating habits will change your life. In order to make meaningful and sustainable change in any culture it requires the leaders to change the way they think so they can then change the way the preform. Let's take a closer look at the corporate culture that exists around you an because of you and where do the changes need to come from so you and your team go from surviving to thriving in every way.

Mindset Leader-Shift

In order to make meaningful and sustainable change in any culture it requires the leaders to change the way they think so they can then change the way they perform.
Let's take a closer look at the corporate culture that exists around you and because of your and where do those changes need to come from so you and your team go from surviving to thriving in every way.

Kick Sugar Goodbye

In this energetic workshop, learn what sugar does in your body, why we start and can't stop eating it an how to transform sugar cravings so you can eliminate the habit for good! You will be amazed on how this can change your life and make you feel phenomenal.
This workshop includes a two week office sugar challenge. participants will be asked to fill out a sugar journal and will be coached through the process. It also includes a group follow up email at the end of the two weeks.

“Julie Cass was our guest speaker at our recent management conference, and she did not disappoint. Her talk on work-life balance, and its impact in the workplace, resonated with our teams, and her engaging and positive manner was infectious as she shared her stories and experiences. I would definitely recommend Julie and her programs.”

Cherry C

I just wanted to take this opportunity to thank you for such a wonderful, eye opening, beautiful workshop!!!

Honestly; I cried a good cry when I got home LOL happy tears because I am pretty sure you touched my soul.

I don’t think it was meant to feel that intense but something resonated inside of my about the POSSIBILITY of changing my mindset...something I haven’t felt for years.
I am so glad a human like you exists!!! And that you’ve decided to share your power with us all ❤️

Victoria C

“Julie love your energy and tips to deal with everyday life”

Josie P.

“I attended one of Julie’s “Kick the sugar Habit” talks and by implementing small changes into my diet I was able to lose 12 lbs in 6 weeks.”


I want to thank you for the seminar, it was amazing and totally helpful and life changing. You were such a great speaker and very inspiring. Thank you so much for the tips.

Carmen H.
Julie Cass

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Julie has captivated thousands through her speaking engagements. She has spoken for top organizations at AGM's and has been a long standing expert speaker at Canada's leading Spa and Wellness Shows. She has also been seen several times live on national news talking about current events such as health and wellness during the pandemic.

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