Learn to Attract Money the Easy Way

Learn practical and easy to implement techniques that have you becoming a magnet for abundance.

Are you living your life with a distorted sense about money?

For many years of my working life I lived by a huge limiting belief that I had to sacrifice and work my ass off to be worthy to receive money.

Not only did I sacrifice my own well being, but also the relationships closest to me.

I remember working 7 days a week, 14 hours a day just to be able to succeed in my business and feel worthy.  I felt like crap. I was miserable, and I had completely lost perspective on life and the whole meaning of balance.  My life was tunnel driven by success and my ideas of success until I found myself questioning everything!

I literally had a huge epiphany one day

 I had an overwhelming pull to listen to the voice in my head that was screaming at me.  “Julie, this is not the life you want to live.  There is a better way.”

From that moment I became ravenous about discovering the true meaning of success. I saw that we are not only worthy to achieve success with ease and balance, but that it can happen with grace.

Did You Inherit Your Belief System?

I realized that I was living a life, and punishing myself based on my belief systems that have been inherited down through the generations.  When I started upgrading my beliefs and understanding the key universal laws around success, abundance and worthiness, everything began to change.

Attracting Abundance

I was able to make more money in less time.  I was able to attract abundance in the most unexpected ways and I was able to let go of a lot of my guilt associated with feeling like I had to “work my ass off” to succeed.

No More Sacrifice

Now one of my biggest passions is helping others understand what I learned at my big expense.  You do not need to sacrifice your self and life to get ahead.  You do not need to struggle to make money. And most importantly you are worthy to receive lavish abundance now.

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Do You Have Strong Limiting Beliefs that Stop You from Attracting Abundance?

Learn what your limiting beliefs are and how you can break the cycle that is holding you back from abundance.


This program simplifies the process on how to achieve balance and become an Abundance Attractor.

Do Not Let the Tides of 2020 Dictate Your Future.

Understanding this simple process that is easy to implement will change your life on how you view money, how easily you can attract it and how you can continue to do so for you life.

2021 Can be Your Most Abundant Year Yet.

It does not matter what is happening in your environment, your power to create and attract abundance supersedes all of the circumstances that you might be witnessing in your life now around lack and limitation.

  Eliminate Fear and Get into Flow.

Learn Why Hard Work Doesn’t Mean More Money

There comes a time when you just know that you were meant for more, and once  that quiet voice inside you starts to be heard, there will be no mistaking it. Julie Cass is here to show you how to become an abundance attractor.

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Changing Your Relationship with Money

Learn how to create a healthy relationship with money

Nurture your money relationship to create bounty

Becoming Open to Receive

Letting go of blocks that have been stopping you up until this point

Identifying limiting beliefs around money

Increasing your consciousness and ability to receive money

Create a Money Success Ritual

Create a custom money success ritual

This will be a tool you will have for life to put into practice

Abundance Meditation

A bonus downloadable abundance meditation

Listen to this daily to prime the brain and create a money conscious mindset.

Abundance Attractor Affirmations

Learn how to use affirmations in a powerful way that actually work to attract money into your life.

Become an Abundance Attractor for Life

Keep the flood gates open for the good stuff.

Allow money to come into your life with ease by understanding the universal law of Abundance and how to keep it into practice.

We Work on 3 Fundamental Steps


Change Your Relationship with Money

In order to become a money attractor we need to nourish our relationship with money. Get clarity on where money actually comes from and understand how the supply of money is unlimited.
In this module you will build a beautiful, loving relationship with money.
What we love, grows.

Become Open to Receive

One of the hardest things in creating or manifesting is working on our worthiness to receive. We will uncover any blocks we have around money, uncover limiting beliefs that have been stopping the economic healthy flow of money into your life.

Keep the Flood Gates Open

We give you a tool kit so that you can become an abundance attractor for life.
Bonus, you will have a complete Money Attractor Success Ritual that will help to reprogram the subconscious mind for attracting and receiving Abundance.


  • 3 live 60 minute mastermind calls, plus 15 minutes Q&A

  • Weekly Course Material

  • Workbook Exercises

  • Video Tutorials on each Module

  • Bonus: Loving Money Ritual

  • Downloadable Meditation: Tapping into Unlimited Abundance

  • 90 minute special one on one: Money Archetype Session with Julie Cass (Value $800)

$2300 VALUE,

only $597.00


  • 3 live 60 minute mastermind calls, plus 15 minutes Q&A

  • Weekly Course Material

  • Workbook Exercises

  • Video Tutorials on each Module

  • Bonus: Loving Money Ritual

  • Downloadable Meditation: Tapping into Unlimited Abundance

$1500 VALUE,

only $297.00

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Julie taught me to believe and understand how to attract abundance, and now I am accepting the financial success that the universe is giving me, on goals we set only 3 months ago!

Sonia TClient

Julie is also someone who comes across with a lot of confidence. She keeps her focus on her clients, and has been able to steer the women in her group in the direction that the course is set up to achieve. As an experienced adult educator myself, I have been very impressed with how she has coached and taught the information with such ease and grace.

Ardyth CClient

Julie has opened my eyes to a new way to reach my dreams and I can't wait to see where this takes me!

Jocelyn Lclient

I work less time now and I make more money in my business. I have way more balance in my life.

Michelle AClient