Julie Cass

Successfully owned and scaled a multi-8-figure business

Motivational Speaker

Certified Holistic Health Coach

Certified Master Life Coach

Certified Transformational Coach – TM

20 Years – Certified Yoga instructor

Over 20 years working in the health and wellness industry

Julie Cass

If you have ever felt burnt out or overwhelmed, you’ve come to the right spot.

We help ambitious people find inner balance, create healthy mind shifts, so they can thrive in all areas of life.

My name is Julie Cass, founder of The Positive Change Group.  Our company’s foundation is helping leaders in businesses to maximize their potential by teaching my “wholistic” approach.

Having owned and operated a multi-million dollar business with hundreds of employees, I intimately know what it’s like to be “successful” in one area of life, at the cost of all other areas being completely out of balance.   This is not sustainable and very destructive to happiness.

As a life and business strategist, I empower my clients to create balance in their life.  My clients say the results are life-changing!  My “wholistic” approach embodies health, relationships, home life, career, and wealth.